Just another legen….dary morning with Scenyo

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I woke up, got dressed, picked the keys. Walking to the Sennyo. Unlocked the doors, started the engine. I’m driving to work. I parked. Stopped the engine. Removed the card. I got out of the cat. Started walking to work. I pressed the “lock” button on the card. Nothing happened. Cat is not locked! I entered the car. I started the engine. Engine stars so card should work. “Just in case” I keep extra batter below the seat. I changed the batteries.  I got out of the car. I pressed the “lock” button. Nothing happened! I closed all doors. Checked if there is something valuable in the car. I went to work. I sit on the PC and googled “Renault won’t lock”. Surprice ….. 10000000 resuls. Clicked first result. Simple explanation: car card do not work below 5 degrees! IT JUST DOESN”T WORN IN COLD! So, what had happened ? In my house is hot, while I walk to the car, card is still hot. But on the way to work it get cold! Cat doesn’t have enough time to warm and card is too cold to operate! Simple solution is to put the card next to hot skin, e.g. under the arm. Or remove it from the slot after the engine start. Put it in your warm pocker 🙂

Topic in UK Renault forum: http://www.renaultforums.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-2293.html

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