Fixing the brake position on xiaomi mijia m365 pro

Long story short: You want to hold both the handle bar and the brake lever, not only the brake lever.
Long story:

Please note that this modification may void your warranty!

Before starting, please review the whole process, you may need a friend holding some parts.

Remove the bolts from the bell and the brake lever

Remove the grip. You may inject water between the bar and the grip for easier removal. Don’t rotate the grip too much, there is a rubber preventing the rotation.

Remove the cover above the headlight

Remove the two bolts holding the headlight

Remove the display cover
Remove the 3 bolts holding the display and gently pull the display
Pull rubber holding the cables and cut the cable tie using cutters
Remove the rubber holder

Remove the 3 bolts holding the handlebar

As you can see, the blue wires is the one connected to the brake lever. Lets disconnect these wires
Move the unplugged cable thru the bar and stem holes.

Move the brake leaver a little to the end of the bar. Then move the ring. Then move the rubber holding the wire. Repeat these steps 5+ times to reach the end of the bar. Do not use a lot of force, because you may disconnect the wire from the chip!


Remove the bar end-cap and then the brake lever should pop out

Plug the brake lever back to the handle bar, gently repeat the break lever movement with the rubber piece movement.
Pass the cable thru the handlebar and the stem
Connect the disconnected cable
Plug the rubber thing and zip it using a new cable tie
Screw the 3 bolts holding the headlight
Push the rubber down, then gently push the display and screw the 3 bolts

Screw the 2 bolts holding the headlight

Place the headlight and the display cover
Adjust the brake lever position, push the rubber inside the hole and screw the brake lever
Plug the ring to the handle bar and fasten the bolt.
Add the handlebar end-cap and and then the grip
Test if everything works 🙂

As result, the folded scooter may be a little bit more twisted, but there are no issues.

You can check this video modifying the non-pro version

You can check the dashboard disassembly for the non-pro version here

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