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LXC bridge on Debian jessie

New: Insert the following in /etc/network/interfaces: auto lxc-bridge-nat iface lxc-bridge-nat inet static bridge_ports none bridge_fd 0 bridge_maxwait 0 address netmask up iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE Give this command to enable forwarding echo 1 … Continue reading

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Just another legen….dary morning with Scenyo

For those who doesn’t know Scenyo – click I woke up, got dressed, picked the keys. Walking to the Sennyo. Unlocked the doors, started the engine. I’m driving to work. I parked. Stopped the engine. Removed the card. I got … Continue reading

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MTB statistic 2015

Statistic from 2014 Wheelset Superstar, switch hubs, Placenti TL28 rimsa. Tyre levers Tyre levers…again gps holder Bike carrier for roof. Roof bars. Shoes, 5.10 impact2 high. Castelli jacker , size L, little too big for me 🙁 Backpack inner tires … Continue reading

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BDD, behat, gherking language … and more

I will just paste some chat logs with everzet. This happened year or two ago. Here is nice place to say “Hey, everzet, thanks for the time :)” It’s about (02:17:55 PM) po_taka-work: i haave 2 links: (02:18:28 PM) … Continue reading

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Pedal pin gone :(

Every biker know the pain of lost pin 🙁 Here is my example. Repair is incoming! I bought different size of pins ( total cost ~1 euro ) If you are lucky, just screw the pin. If you are not … Continue reading

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