Booking – free entrance to attractions

Hm, a few weeks ago I decided to go to Rome. I bought flight tickets. A few days before the flight I opened and searched for hotel. I choosed one of the cheapest – 150 Euro for three nights.

Moments after the reservation I received mail “Angel, you’ve got free entrance to Rome attractions”. I Think to myself “hmmm…some discounts for overprices tours”. Anyway I opened the mail, just to check the attractions. May be I missed some of them in my plans.

And OMG, what the !??!?!? I have free access to so many attraction. And not just me, everyone in my group!

Ohhh, wait… this can’t be true.

I searched over the interned if anyone have used this promotion. I didn’t find and single result.

Just look at these discounts:

I booked room for 150 euro. Entrance for the Catacombs is 60 euros / person. Colosseum  is ~60 euro per person. We were two, we just received 240 euros discounts for 150 euro reservation?!

I keep looked in the internet if this is true. The time passed and we were flying to Rome.

We used the QR code for the first time for airport shuttle bus. We just shown the QR code to the ticket’s girl, she scanned the code and says “ok, all good, you can enter the bus”.

Traveling to the Rimini station I start asking myself – we just saved 12 euro. What if this promotion is one time only? I could save 120 euro from Colosseum tour. Aught!

We decided to try the Hop-on-hop-off bus. Unfortunately they can’t scan the QR code from all stations. The personal told us to get on the bus and show the QR code on the Termini station. I told to myself, aught, what if the code doesn’t work, I will have to pay 44 euro for tickets! We are at the Termini station. Scanning the code…. It works!!! It works! For seconds time.

Then we reserved tour to the Colosseum and the Catacombs. The QR code worked!

I’m writing this post just to confirm – the QR code works for all destinations for the whole group!

There is single time when it didn’t work. As I have noted, we took the bus shuttle from the Airport to the Rome. When we took the bus from Rome to the airport the QR code didn’t worked. The ticket’s guy told us that it is already used. So, probably you can use it only once per attraction. Anyway, we bought tickets – 16 euro. We saved 500+ euros from this QR code.

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